Why to use your Fireplace as a decoration when you can use it as your house heating solution!!!

Established by Mr. Tony Bechara in 2008, FLAMME ROUGE has become a leader in the Fireplaces system services by offering a full house heating solution.

Throughout the past decade, FLAMME ROUGE has been able to demonstrate outstanding and superior capabilities by constantly exceeding its customers’ expectations. FLAMME ROUGE products and services today are offered to a diversified range of customers.

FLAMME ROUGE offers a range of fireplaces system services such as floor heating system, heat ventilation system, water heater system… FLAMME ROUGE is specialized in Chimneys, Fireplaces (Gas, wood, pellet, electrical, bioethanol), Barbecues, Stainless Steel, Isolation, Bricks, and Tiles…

The vast abilities in innovation, creativity and constant improvement have contributed significantly in gaining FLAMME ROUGE credibility and maintaining safe financial position.

Furthermore, the management of FLAMME ROUGE is committed to implement the standard developed by the International Organization for Standardization, ISO 9001:2015 in order to provide high calibre in the QMS processes.


A-Custom Design by clients

For over fourteen years, Flamme Rouge has been custom designing, installing, and maintaining efficient fireplaces.Design by your own imagination or maybe you've seen something in a brochure, a magazine, on a TV show or in a movie. Can we reproduce it? Absolutely! Maybe you only know that the time has come for your favorite room to glow with flickering flames as you unwind from a long hard day...

B-Pre Defined design by our staff

The warmth and beauty of handcrafted mantels, cabinets and entertainment centers. Limestone, marble, granite, slate and tile add to the unlimited combinations of materials that can be used. The final look is as varied as your imagination. Let our craftsmen design and build your fireplace.


Visit our show room at Halat Main High way. See dozens of burning displays. Touch various surfaces, see the beauty of flames and see firsthand the exquisite workmanship. Talk with our knowledgeable staff. They'll be happy to introduce you to the decision you'll need to make...

Factory- built fireplaces stylishly finished in wood, brick, stone, marble, metal, slate, tile or granite. • That same fireplace accessible from two, three or four sides ("see- through", "corner" or "peninsula"). • Accessories to complete your decor -- facings, mantles, fire-backs, hearth rugs, andirons, fenders, screens, glass doors -- even a remote control so you don't have to disturb yourself to adjust the blaze!


Flamme Rouge prompt and reliable installation team are dedicated to make of customer satisfaction our top priority in which we offer a full setup within a maximum of 6 hours. All our work and products are guaranteed for 10 years.


Successful Builders, Designers and Architects are aligned with suppliers who understand their unique needs. Flamme Rouge's mission is to provide the best products and service to all of our customers. Flamme Rouge is a design focused company. This means we understand what styles our customers want and we build what they are asking for. Our staff can build you a Chimney made by bricks from A to Z with a Brick fireplace (Wooden type) made by Flamme Rouge as per your own design at our own factory and you can add to it your desired Barbecue made by bricks with all the sizes that you may require.